Hello, welcome to WhiskerCloud – the latest technology for veterinarians!

We’ve been working on this platform, website, and company for over a year and we’re so excited to introduce it to the public. Our CEO Adam Greenbaum has been involved in the pet industry for years and wanted to build something unique to help our friends in the veterinary world. Meet WhiskerCloud.

It all started when Adam moved to Denver, CO a few years ago. Adam has two Boston Terriers that he treats as children and spent most of the first day in their new city searching for a new veterinarian. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it’s 2016, everyone is judged by their website and online presence. Adam was searching on his phone and found that almost all of the websites he was pulling up did not work on his mobile phone or ran slow or didn’t look professional. Three days of searching and Adam finally found a veterinarian for Sophie and Baxter. Park Hill Vet had a beautiful website, clearly explained their services, and all functions of their site worked on Adam’s phone. However, he had seen 25+ vets that may be wonderful doctors but were completely skipped over because of a very bad first impression online.

WhiskerCloud makes sure you never have to worry about that again. Our team builds you a completely custom, mobile responsive website that is fully integrated with search engine optimization plugins and comes standard with Google Analytics. Even better? We host it in the cloud so that you’re equipped with the best security features and latest technology at all times. Head spinning? We know. Don’t worry, the WhiskerCloud team runs, manages, and updates your site for you on a daily basis. It’s that simple and takes just a few minutes to set up. New technology for veterinarians like this hasn’t been introduced to the market yet, we’re happy to be the first.